Do you want to live in liberty and by your countries' original Constitution?

Live according to common law, your Bill Of Rights and God given unalienable rights?


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A weekly online meeting to learn how to become a sovereign American National. All are welcome.

Thursdays at 6:00pm PST

The call in number: 1-425-436-6397

The pin code: 5396536#

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Please don't be late. We will wait for 10 minutes for people to show up.


Learn more about how to become an American National in this video below:

A Study Course

Learn how our identity as an American has been stolen and what to do about it:

  • Section 1: History

    Learn how the central banks took control of our country and how America became a corporation.

  • Section 2 & 3: Jurisdiction & Structure

    Learn about the three jurisdictions of air, land, and sea. Plus the differences between the Federal, Territorial, and Municipal Constitutions.

  • Section 4: Constitutional Enforcements

    Learn how our Constitution has been changed and how to get back to our original 1776 constitutional rights.

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We have a weekly Zoom call with Anna Reitz, the founder The United States of America Unincorporated, to answer your questions every Monday at 6:00 pm PST.


Please submit your questions to by Sunday 10:00 pm EST to be accepted for the following Monday Zoom call. 


Call information will be sent to you upon your submission so that you can listen for your answer.

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Correcting your political status is required to be a Sovereign National.


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Anna Von Reitz, along with a team of Judges, Lawyers, and thirty million people, are restoring the Republic and reclaiming Freedom for the people! Knowledge is power and the ultimate civil power resides in every individual educating themselves and taking action.  

About Anna


Alaska superior court Judge Anna Von Reitz has dedicated 40 years of her life pursuing the truth about the criminal fraud in the USA and around the World that has been attempting to steal our Sovereignty, and force us into a debt/slave system

Our Mission


The mission of the Assembly is to  free our Country and all people around the World from the oppression of the Central Banks and their created and owned governments created  through maritime corporate law and their endless funnel of money

The Assembly

For The People

The Assembly is the government of, for, and by the people under the Land & Soil Jurisdiction. Its purpose is to help people reclaim their Sovereign Nationality and their God-given Unalienable Rights.

Correct Your Status


Reclaim your identity and Freedom by correcting your status from being a Citizen of a Corporation to a Sovereign National of the Land and Soil. We have made this to be a simple, inexpensive and streamlined process.

How to Correct Your Status

Five Simple and Inexpensive Steps

Step 1: Fill Out Your Profile

Go to this site to fill out your profile: You will need to upload a Passport Photo and an image of your right thumb print in red ink.

  • The fee is only $25.00  for the forms which you'll need to print and sign to record your Sovereign Status.

  • You can wait to upload your photo and thumb print after your pages are printed to expedite the process.

​Step 2: One Page Option

Once you have filled out your profile and paid the $25.00 fee a new tab named Create Documents will become visible on the left navigation bar on the American Unincorporated web site. 

The top documents colored in pink are the One Pagers. If you want to make it quick and simple, just fill out the proper document for you. 

  • If you want the extensive process skip the One Pager and fill out the 928 documents colored in blue.

One Pager documents descriptions below:

  • 1779 Declaration
    Use if you were born in the USA.​
  • Legal Immigrant Naturalized
    Use if you went through the legal process to become an American Citizen.
  • Legal Immigrant Assimilated
    Use if you have a green card or haven't gone through the legal process to become an American Citizen and have been in the USA for at least seven years.
  • Federal Employee
    Use if you work for the Federal Government.
  • Witness Testimony
    All people need to use this form with their witnesses who will testify that you are who you say that you are and that they have known you for at least 7 years.

​Once you fill out all the correct forms, save the documents, and it print it out. Make sure to change all the text into black before printing out the documents. 


Print two copies of the Witness Testimony Form  and identify and contact your two witnesses that you've known for at least 7 years before scheduling your appointment with the State Recorder or Notary Public to notarize your signature.


If your witnesses are not able to be physically present they have to get the Witness Testimony Forms notarized by a bank or notary. Then get your documents all together and schedule your time with your recorder online via Zoom or Facetime.

Step 3: 928 Documents

For a deluxe version of the One Pager fill out all the 928 documents under the blue tabs. Below are the descriptions:

  • Once you fill each document save and print to get notarized by your State Recorder or Notary Republic.

  • Print out two Witness Testimony Forms and make arrangements with your Witnesses to meet with you and the Notary to verify your identity and signature.

  1. Certificate of Assumed Name: List all your names including marriage, adopted, and nicknames. Next include all business names and Social Media Handles. In the following section add your Birth Location and the State where you will be Notarizing your Sovereign Status and the approximate date you think you will get it Notarized.
  2. Act Of Expiration, Cancelation Of Power Of Attorney, and FSIA Mandatory Notice: Fill out the State, County and approximate date to be notarized.
  3. Deed Of Re-Conveyance: If you were born an American Citizen. Deed Of Conveyance: If you were born in another country. Fill out the State, County and approximate date to be notarized.
  4. Paramount Claim: If you want to take back the ownership of your Umbilical Cord and DNA.
  5. Proclamation of Lawful Marriage: If you want to declare your marriage under the law as an American National and not under the American Citizen Corporation System. 
  6. Record of Life: Correct and change the status for your children to become American Nationals. 

Step 4: Status Options

  • Let your Recorder know if you want to be filed as American State National or American State Citizen.

American State National: As an American State National you are "not" part of the Assembly, but can help the Assembly, and you can vote on matters of the State.

American State Citizen : You are a State Citizen and are a part of the Assembly. You're allowed to speak and participate in any of the Assembly's business meetings nationally and internationally. You can vote and hold official positions in the Assembly: Chairman, Scribe, Secretary, Treasurer, being on a Committee or Juror. 

Step 5: Credential Card

Sovereign National Credential Card: Once your papers are recorded by your State Recorder or Notary Republic, you'll be able to order your credential card for $35.00 online. To place your order, go back to your Profile page and upload your Passport photo along with a picture of your right red thumb print if you haven't already. Once you submit your order your card will arrive within 2-3 weeks.

Congratulations! You're complete!


We are looking for people with unique skills from every State in the US and from around the World, who are passionate and dedicated to preserving our Freedom and Unalienable Rights, to join our Movement. By serving the Assembly, members breathe life back into a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people!"


These are some of the roles we are looking for:

Have you been in Law Enforcment or in the Military? We are looking for people to become American National State/County Sheriffs and Deputies.

Have you been involved in Constitutional Law? We are looking for more Constitutional Lawyers

Have you been an Officer or in the Military? We are looking for people to become American National Marshals: Continental, Provost and State Marshals.

Have you been a Coroner? We need County Coroners.

Do you have experience in the Court System?We are looking for people to become Clerks and Bondsmen.

Have you been an Accountant or a Treasurer? We are looking for State and County Treasurers.

Have you been a part of a Board before? We are looking for State and County Secretaries.

Have you studied the Constitution and Law? We are looking for people to step up into roles as State Judges.

We need Jurors to participate in cases against Organizations breaking our Constitutional and Unalienable Rights.

Have you been an Officer or in the Military? We are looking for people to become State Militias or Troopers and Rangers.

Are you a good witness? We Need State and County Public Notaries.

We are looking for people to step up into roles as State Recorders.

We are looking for people to become Coordinators for their Country.

We are looking for people to become Coordinators for their County within each State.

Have you been a part of a Board before? We are looking for State Librarians.

Love Donation

Your donation will further this movement of freedom, self sovereignty and peace for humanity.


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